Safety Tips for Taking Your Bowrider on the Ocean

Safety Tips for Taking Your Bowrider on the Ocean

You are bound to experience choppy bays and rough waters when fishing and boating on the coast. Taking your bowrider in the ocean is dangerous for inexperienced boaters. This article explains safety tips for taking your bowrider boat on the ocean. We outline five safety tips to help you and your passengers stay safe on … Read more

The 8 Best Bowrider Boat Anchors

Best Bowrider Boat Anchors

The main application of an anchor is to hold your bowrider boat in place, and the classifications are based on the surface it will be digging into and the length of your bowrider. With so many bowrider boat anchor’s out there, it can be overwhelming to choose the one most suited for you. Some shapes are … Read more

10 Best Bowrider Seats for a Comfortable Ride

Best Bowrider Seats for a Comfortable Ride

Comfortable and durable seats are every bowrider boat owner’s wish. Whether you want to replace old and torn bowrider seats, change the overall look of your boat, or you’re just ready for a switch, adding new seats can give you a better afternoon on the water. We understand that with an enormous number of products with … Read more

6 Best Bowrider Trolling Motors

Best Trolling Motors for Your Bowrider

A trolling motor is a helpful add-on to a bowrider boat because it allows you to navigate quietly and slowly throughout the water while you fish. While the boat’s primary motor will cause significant wake, and its noise can scare fish away, a trolling motor solves these problems. While choosing a trolling motor for your … Read more