Bowrider Tips

How to Clean a Bowrider

Being a bowrider boat owner is great fun! It allows you to ride with your family and friends, whether for enjoyment or sports (fishing and wakeboarding are just two examples of many). However, a clean boat does not remain as such for long. The bowrider will get dirty due to where it is located. For …

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How to Drive a Bowrider

If you’re new to boating, it can be tricky figuring out how to drive a bowrider. After all, bowriders are not your average fishing boat. As their name suggests, bowriders have their cockpit at the front of the boat. That makes things a little different from your standard center console or runabout. It also means …

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Pontoon vs. Bowrider

Do you love boats? Or are you pondering what type to buy next? Either way, you should definitely check out both pontoon and bowrider boats before making any purchase decisions. Both types of boats are popular and are typically used on lakes. Each boat offers great features and benefits and is excellent for spending time …

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Bowrider Speaker Placement

While the two situations may seem similar, installing speaker systems in a bowrider is very different from installing them in a building or car. The acoustics of the boat can have a bigger effect than the speakers themselves or how they are positioned. But of course, speaker position is paramount to good sound. In a …

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Best Bowriders Under $10K

You are looking for the perfect run around boat, to hop out on a Saturday morning to go fishing. What type of boat would be ideal to do this in? You are able to buy a boat for under $10,000 however this will be a much older second-hand model and may come with a few …

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Easy Bowrider Modifications

Do you love riding around on your bowrider with friends and family? Maybe you just bought a new boat and want to make improvements. Or perhaps you’ve got a classic boat that needs some modifications. Whatever the case, you probably want to do something fun and unique to make your boat look awesome or better …

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Buying a Used Bowrider

The bowrider design can provide a pleasurable, family-friendly boating experience at an affordable cost for many. Bowriders are popular among families and hobbyists who want something fun and safe. They’re great for fishing, boat days and other activities. Best of all, they’re easy to operate and maintain. Why Are Bowrider Boats Popular? Benefits of Buying …

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Average Bowrider Cost

How Much Does a Bowrider Cost?

Ideal for families and small groups, bowriders are popular recreational boats that appeal to a range of people. Boating can be an expensive hobby, so it’s important to know how much to budget when buying a bowrider. Not only is there the price of the boat itself, but you’ll need to pay for insurance, dock …

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