6 Best Bowrider Trolling Motors

A trolling motor is a helpful add-on to a bowrider boat because it allows you to navigate quietly and slowly throughout the water while you fish. While the boat’s primary motor will cause significant wake, and its noise can scare fish away, a trolling motor solves these problems.

While choosing a trolling motor for your bowrider boat, you should be mindful of a few features that significantly impact your experience. These include:

  • battery type
  • the length of your bowrider shaft
  • controllability
  • length of your bowrider, and the thrust needed to propel it effectively

Let’s dig into the details of the six best trolling motors to mount on your bowrider boat and what makes them the best pick.

Trolling MotorProminent FeaturePrice on Amazon
Goplus Transom 46/55/86 LBSFive forward and three reverse speedsCheck Price
Minn Kota Terrova 80Great controllability and steering with i-PilotCheck Price
MotorGuide WirelessSonar 2 for effective visibilityCheck Price
MotorGuide Bow Mount GPSConvenient, easy deploymentCheck Price
Minn Kota Maxxum 80Digital maximizer for longer-lasting battery lifeCheck Price
Minn Kota UlterraSpot-lock technology to hold your placeCheck Price

Goplus Transom Trolling Motor 46/55/86 LBS


6” Adjustable Handle

The handle of a trolling motor is what you use to control it. Trolling motors are either fixed at the rear or at the front end of your bowrider, and you need to get your hands on its handle easily to make it work.

The six-inch adjustable handle of the Goplus trolling motor extends its arms towards you, enabling you to effectively control the speed and direction of your boat. You can always adjust it back to its default position whenever the extended length is not required.

Five Forward and Three Reverse Speeds

Controlling your bowrider’s speed is one of the prominent functions of a trolling motor. With five forward and three reverse speeds, you can easily control your bowrider’s pace in sea or freshwater.

Plus, the three-blade design of this trolling motor enables seamless movement in water without letting any hindrances, like an underwater weed or marsh, slow you down.

10-Point Battery-life Indicator

The electricity used to propel the boat is provided by the charge stored in the battery. The higher the battery charge, the longer you can enjoy the time on the water.

In order to remain informed at all times about the charge left in the battery, the Goplus trolling motor has installed on it a 10-point battery indicator. You can recharge your battery whenever it goes anywhere near one.

12-Volt Battery Output

This trolling motor is based on a 12-volt power system. It is easy to use and inexpensive. The battery, however, doesn’t come with the motor, so you have to buy it separately.

Adjust Shaft Angle and Depth

By pressing the knob, you can adjust the angle of the shaft underwater, which gives you added control over your bowrider boat. Plus, you can also adjust the height of the shaft by adjusting the position of the clamp to decelerate or speed up.

Durable and Strong

In addition, the nylon bracket is ablation resistant and ensures stability. The shaft, made of a fiberglass composite, is very strong and corrosion-resistant, making it long-lasting. The aluminum head further enhances the motor’s durability.


  • Battery charge display
  • Durable, sturdy shaft
  • Good controllability


  • For some boats, the 86 lb version requires a stronger battery
  • Battery sold separately

Minn Kota Terrova 80 Bow


24-Volts Power System

The Minn Kota Terrova is a 24-volt trolling motor, so it will allow you more time on the water because of its long battery life.

80-Pound Thrust

With a massive 80-pound thrust, the Minn Kota Terrova trolling motor would be ideal for you if your bowrider’s length is between 20 and 25 feet. It’s a powerful motor and propels the bowrider at a sufficient pace.

I-Pilot Control

Right after you pair the device with the receiver and push the lever to deploy the motor, it will be ready to steer your bowrider. You just have to use the remote. Set it to anchor if you want it to keep the boat still, or start moving it with just a push of a button.

The remote control will show you how fast your bowrider is going and allows you to steer the boat effectively.

60” Shaft Length

The required shaft length depends on the distance between the waterline and where the motor is mounted. It impacts your ability to effectively steer your boat. A sufficient length inside the water would perform well. 

With a 60-inch shaft length, you don’t need to worry about its reach, as it will be more than the standard length.


The shaft, made of composite material, is almost indestructible. Composites are manufactured by combining different materials for increased toughness, strength, and other properties required based on the application.

Battery Indicator

The battery has an ample amount of charge for long boating trips; however, you need to keep an eye on its consumption. The battery indicator lets you know the remaining charge so you can plan your way ahead.

Sonar 2

Sonar technology is based on sound waves traveling underwater for detection and visibility. Short for sound navigation and ranging, sonar helps navigation by offering you a deep water view and alerts you of any potential hurdles.

Speaking of sound, the trolling motor quietly does its job, considering the high 80-pound power it possesses.


  • Sonar technology makes navigation easy
  • The 24-volt system offers a longer time
  • 80-pound thrust


  • GPS does not update the position of the boat as often as others

MotorGuide Wireless Bow Mount Saltwater Trolling Motor


24-Volt Motor

With the 24-volt power system, the MotorGuide trolling motor uses two 12-volt batteries to draw 56 amps of power. The 24-volt system draws less amps than 12-volt systems and offers more time on the water at higher thrust. 

Wireless Control

The MotorGuide is equipped with a wireless control. Wireless connection to the trolling motor enables you to operate the motor and steer your bowrider from anywhere in your boat.

LED Dashboard

The LED dashboard lets you see the essential functions even in a bad light, enabling you to monitor and control your bowrider every minute.

Pinpoint GPS

GPS technology provides you the exact location of your bowrider and keeps you informed of the distances on the map. Plus, the Pinpoint GPS offers 3 times more precise anchoring, cruise control, heading lock, and jog.

Improved Navigation

Through NMEA 2000 and GPS gateway cable, you can connect your compatible Mercury, Simrad, and Lowrance display for an improved and advanced navigation across the water.

Durable Composite Shaft

The shaft, made of strong composite material, can endure even the roughest interactions with the underwater stones, rocks, and stumps without getting damaged, ensuring a lifelong peace of mind.

Waterproof High-Tech Electronics

Electronics of this trolling motor work efficiently thanks to the coating that keeps water and moisture at bay, making it safe from dust as well. So any splashes now and then from the marine environment won’t cause any trouble to your electronics.

80-Pounds Peak Thrust

The thrust is the power required to propel the boat in a direction. A higher thrust means you can go to higher speeds. However, if your boat is small, you don’t need a very high peak thrust. For a bowrider in the 17-21 feet range, the 80-pound thrust is more than enough to move your bowrider in the sea or freshwater. 


  • Enduring and sturdy
  • 24-volt offers a longer time at sea
  • Advance navigation and control
  • Sonar 2 for effective visibility
  • 80-pounds thrust


  • Anchor mode not available without an upgrade

MotorGuide Bow Mount GPS with Wireless Control


Wireless Remote

No matter where you are on your boat, the wireless connection of this trolling motor lets you operate it without losing the connection. That means you can control your bowrider from your favorite seatseamlessly.

Convenient Deployment

You can stow and deploy this trolling motor with just a push of your foot using the large SecureStep lever to save time and energy.

LED Dashboard

The key functions you need while operating your bowrider are displayed by this LED dashboard that keeps you informed. Plus, it’s an LED so you can use the dashboard when it’s dark.

Quiet Operation

One of the most concerning aspects for those who are fishing on their bowrider is the noise that makes your catch swim away. This trolling motor is 40 percent quieter as compared to other competitors on the market.

55-Pound Peak Thrust

Thrust is the propelling force needed to move the bowrider on the water and will depend on your bowrider’s size. The longer your bowrider size in length, the higher thrust would be needed to get it moving effectively.

This trolling motor delivers 55-pound peak thrust, which is more than enough for a bowrider around 18 feet long.

48-Inch Composite Shaft

This 48-inch composite shaft provides peace of mind from any potential damage from the underwater rocks.

With 48 inches in length, the shaft will easily submerge into the water and provide an effective thrust for seamless mobility through the water.

12-Volt Motor with 52 Amps Draw

The motor works at 12-volts power, which is easiest to run and is inexpensive as well. However, it offers less thrust and staying power compared to the 24 or 36 power systems.


  • Durable
  • Quiet operation
  • Wireless control


  • The 12-volt motor has low staying power 

Minn Kota Maxxum 80 Trolling Motor with Foot/Hand Control


Digital Maximizer

The digital maximizer enables you to use your battery as little as possible while extracting enough power to move your bowrider at the desired speed.

It allows you to dial in the speed you want and conserves battery power by only using the charge necessary to obtain that speed. This allows you up to five times longer run time with a single charge.

Anodized Aluminum Mount

An effective mount is the one that provides peace of mind from potential underwater hazards. The Maxxum mount moves through any obstacle without getting stuck or damaged. The anodized aluminum makes sure that the mount is not attacked by corrosive media and makes the mount resistant to rust.

While plowing, you won’t feel any vibration from it budging from its positions.

Bowguard 360°

Bowguard 360°, when impacted from any direction, breaks away and then resets on its own to protect your boat and motor for a smooth, worry-free fishing experience on your bowrider.

Directional Indicator

The illuminated directional indicator keeps you informed about your direction and does not let you lose your path.

Battery Meter

Knowing the amount of battery left for you to consume can make your boating trips worry-free. Available with only hand control models, the push-to-test meter tells you how much battery charge is left in your battery, allowing you to plan and organize your trip.

24-Volt Power and 80-Pounds Thrust

With the 24-volt power system, the trolling motor offers a long time on the water while the 80-pounds thrust powerfully propels your bowrider forward.


  • Battery meter
  • 42”, 52” shaft length
  • Digital maximizer


  • Louder than other models

Minn Kota Ulterra 36-Volt 112-Pound with i-Pilot Link GPS


Easy Deployment

To deploy this Minn Kota trolling motor, you won’t need more than a push of a pedal. The i-pilot link remote enables easy stowing and deploying of the motor. You can do this with the Humminbird fishfinder too, but it’s sold separately.

Height Adjustment

You can trim this trolling motor up or down depending on your need or fishing conditions with the push of a button. Instant deployment and the easy height adjustment provides convenience and lets you enjoy the environment rather than exhausting your energies on the device.


Whenever you need to stay at a particular spot on the water, you can use the GPS to lock your bowrider boat onto that spot with spot-lock.

Humminbird Mega Down Imaging

Strong visibility of what’s below you in the water is a must for effective fishing or even recreation. The Mega Down Imaging technology enables clear identification of objects underneath the water for up to 125 feet. You can even target specific species fish and identify different fish from other objects, thanks to the built-in transducer.

36-Volt Power System

The higher voltage power systems allow for longer times in the water as they draw lower amperage. The 36-volt power system delivers the highest thrust and offers sufficient staying power. 

It is expensive compared to the 24- or 12-volt, but you will get peace of mind from not worrying about the battery dying for a longer time.

112-Pound Thrust

If your bowrider’s length is even above 22 feet, the 112-pound thrust will take care of your bowrider with ease.


  • Suitable for bowriders longer than 20 feet
  • Long battery life
  • Mega Down Imaging is helpful for fishing
  • Good controllability with i-Pilot


  • One of the most expensive models

What to Look for When Buying a Trolling Motor


Power is an essential feature to consider before buying a trolling motor, as it provides the necessary push for your bowrider to move. This is referred to as the thrust offered by the trolling motor. 

A general guide can be around two lbs for every 100 lbs of your bowrider weight. Plus, if you intend to boat in windy condition or in strong currents, add about 10 lbs of thrust to the motor.

Shaft Length

Shaft lengths vary with boat types and size. A general rule is to measure the length from the point where the trolling motor is mounted to the waterline, then add 20 inches to that length. The sum of these lengths would be your ideal shaft’s length.


Another factor that should be taken into account is the durability and resistance to the oxidative marine environment. The oxygen in water is the major cause of material loss due to corrosion. So a rust and corrosion-resistant material, especially of the shaft, will make sure it lasts a long time.


Steering types include foot-controlled, hand-controlled, remote-controlled, or traditional cable steer. The type of steering mechanism will depend on your budget and preference. The more automated the mechanism is, the more conveniently you can maneuver and control your bowrider boat.


Type of battery power system influences your time on the water. The higher voltage systems, (24-V or 36-V), although more costly, allow higher thrust and more time on the water. However, the 12-V system is inexpensive and easy to use.