Best Bowrider Boat Speakers

Anyone who enjoys music knows that listening through high-quality speakers will help you get the most out of the experience.

However, a speaker with a high-quality rating does not necessarily equate to the best speaker for your Bowrider.

Locating a pair of speakers that can endure the elements while you are in an environment such as a lake, the ocean, or another comparable setting can seem daunting, but never fear; we’re here to help you find the best waterproof speakers.

When playing music, you can always use your phone, another mobile device, or a speaker, but a pair of marine speakers will always provide a superior experience.

Traditional speakers may not fare well in maritime environments. Consequently, acquiring a speaker rated for use in marine environments is essential.

When looking for the finest bowrider speakers, it is essential to choose a pair that is weatherproof and able to survive the harsh conditions that are common on boats.

Although pricing frequently reflects the quality and functionality of the speaker, marine-grade speakers don’t necessarily have to be prohibitively expensive.

Listed below are five top-reviewed marine speakers for your boat:

The Best Marine Speakers for Your Bowrider

Marine SpeakerFeaturesOnline Prices
Wet Sounds REVO 6200W, 7.8 lbs, 6.5inche size Mounting Depth: 3.3inches. Hole Cut Out: 5.0”  $479.99
Kicker KM654LCWPeak Power: 195 WattsRMS Power: 65 WattsImpedance: 4 OhmTweeter Dome Material: Titanium£179.99
JL Audio M6-650X6.5inch 2-way marine speakers3/4inch silk dome tweeter2-way crossover attached to the woofer basketUV- and corrosion-resistant polymer baskets and grilles$629.99 per pair
Pioneer Nautica TS-MR1640Water-resistant white IMPP composite woofer1.125inch PEI dome tweeter with magnetic fluid and equalizerStrenuously resists water, corrosion, and heatWater-resistant white IMPP composite woofer$119.98
JBL Stadium Marine 62multi-color RGB LED lightsPlus One woofer cone for outstanding performancegrille-mounted Mylar tweeterIPX5 rated for weather resistance$349.95

Wet Sounds REVO 6

Right now, the Wet Sounds REVO 6 is our top pick for the best speaker to use in an outdoor or aquatic setting.

Wet Sounds is recognized as one of the most reputable manufacturers of audio boat systems on the market.

Features worth noting:

They have perfected the art of producing speakers suited to use in the great outdoors, whether for a UTV, a boat, or your own backyard, and they do it very well.

  • Sensitivity of 90dB, a handling capacity of 100W RMS, and 200W Peak power. 
  • Power within their head unit, they perform much better when paired with an external amplifier.
  • Corrosion- and oxidation-resistant materials. Eg. Tweeters are made of titanium and composite woofers and a noncorrosive frame built of “Nylas” (nylon fiberglass).
  • Water-resistant terminal connectors, which end up with a highly long-lasting 

It’s difficult to find a bad word said about these awesome speakers online. The closest thing to a complaint about the Wet Sounds Revo 6 is that their LED lights do not compare to that of JBL. So, if you’re someone who enjoys the flashing lights and party feel brought by colorful LED lighting, these may not be for you. 

Kicker KM654LCW

There are several grille color options available with the Kicker KM654.

One of its most intriguing characteristics is the waterproof and programmable LEDs (as opposed to the KM652, which is essentially the same minus this feature). These LEDs are on the side of the tweeter that is opposed to the speaker.

They are an excellent choice for harmonizing the lighting around your Bowrider or creating an appropriate ambiance for essential events.

They have 19 different dynamic modes and 20 different colors, and they can even fade and strobe in time to the music being played.

Your guests will be enticed to board your Bowrider and join the celebration if it is moored at the dock and the LED lights are turned on.

These maritime speakers also deliver a good performance in terms of sound quality.

We felt that they were both well developed and balanced during the testing. The woofer is made of water-resistant polypropylene, while the tweeter is made of titanium.

Additionally, it has been validated as resistant to UV rays, fog, and salt. Since it seals them with a watertight seal, the lack of a sealed crossover for the tweeter is not a drawback.

However, installation is more complicated than that of regular speakers.

To begin, LEDs demand additional wiring on the part of the user.

However, the installation instructions and the wiring diagram will take you through each step.

And secondly, because it does not come with a cutout stencil, you will be responsible for measuring and cutting the hole for the installation.

Features worth noting:

  • Peak power: 195 watts
  • RMS power: 65 watts
  • The impedance of four ohms
  • Titanium is the material used for the tweeter dome.

Cons: Though you’ll find the majority of reviews raving about the Kicker KM654LCW’s are great, some buyers have complained about the difficulty in using the LED lights coherently. On the other hand, there have been noted complaints about the lack of bass present in the speakers. However, this can be subject to different installation methods.

JL Audio M6-650X

This particular pair of maritime speakers represent JL Audio’s M6 series.

They rank among the most durable and robust alternatives now on the market.

Many reviews have extolled the durability of these speakers. The fact that it has ASTM certification is what is most impressive about it.

Not only the woofer and tweeter, but the whole thing has been put through its paces in terms of reliability.

A polymer composite material is used in constructing the woofer, the grille, and the frame. Additionally, the tweeter is made out of silk subjected to a marine-specific finishing process.

Its terminals are made of gold-plated brass, making it resistant to corrosion and an excellent choice for signal transfer.

According to the testing results, its sole drawback is that it has a lesser sensitivity of 89.5 dB and can only handle 75 RMS watts of power (on average).

Compared to its rivals, the loudness does not deliver the same kind of punch.

However, if you emphasize sound performance, the M6-650X is undoubtedly a set you should consider purchasing.

Features worth noting:

  • Features 6.50-inch woofers and separate 0.75-inch dome tweeters in the cockpit coaxial speaker system
  • 20% more sound-radiating surface than standard 6.5-inch designs
    benefit from bigger 1.25-inch woofer voice coils as well
  • Some versions have been specially tuned for cockpit panel-mounting
  • Many grille color choices are available

Cons: Although the price tag is close to $400 and may be a push in budget for some, purchasing it should be considered an investment because it is well worth the money. It prove difficult to find a bad review of these speakers online.

Pioneer Nautica TS-MR1640

The Pioneer Nautica TS-MR1640 made our list mostly because it’s a significant improvement over the marine speakers that came with your Bowrider when you bought it. And- they are affordable!

Although the audio quality may not be as good as some of its rivals, these speakers work admirably.

The woofer, tweeter, and frame of these speakers are made of polypropylene, polyetherimide, and glass fiber.

They are designed to resist exposure to and damage from the sun, sea, and fog.

Features worth noting:

  • White IMPP composite woofer that is water-resistant
  • Magnetic fluid-filled 1-1/8-inch PEI dome tweeter with equalization
    tenaciously repels heat, rust, and water
  • 6-1/2-inch maritime two-way speakers that can handle up to 160 watts of power (30 watts nominal)
  • White IMPP composite woofer is water-resistant, with a 1-1/8-inch PEI dome tweeter and an equalizer.
  • Tenaciously repels heat, rust, and water.

Cons: Pioneer Nautica speakers are usually well known for their known, high-quality speakers, but if you do some diving online you will find a couple of customers claiming that these speakers are not in fact the size they claim. Marketed at 6.5 in speakers, many have said that these speakers run slightly smaller than advertised.

JBL Stadium Marine 62

The JBL Stadium 62 is a more recent design that crams a ton of cool features into a speaker that was developed with the specific intention of being used on the water.

It is also an excellent option if you want to equip your off-road vehicle with speakers that can withstand a lot of power and take some rough treatment from the elements.

Features worth noting: 

  • Polypropylene woofer cone was designed to produce improved bass frequencies.
  • JBL positioned an integrated tweeter above the cone to enhance low-end power delivery. However, one of the most excellent features of these speakers is their integrated seven-color LED system.
  • Most conventional maritime speakers that use LED illumination will either feature a ring or cone light. 
  • Unheard-of quantity of color that is incredibly brilliant and colorful.

Cons: Overall these JLB speakers seem like an all-rounder. But, they have been reviewed as bass-lacking. If you are looking to have booming bass on your Bowrider, this sound system may not be your first choice.


Q: How do you define “Marine Grade”?

A. Products that are Marine Grade or Marine Rated can tolerate marine settings. Marine grade components can be exposed to the sun and wind as well as moisture (although not necessarily submersion). They can withstand high ambient temperatures and won’t burn if a little water is splashed on them. Marine Grade items are designed to endure for a long time in the humid and salty environments encountered at sea, on docks, or in boat storage close to the shore.

Q: What’s the difference between something that’s waterproof and something that’s just water resistant?

A: Waterproofing denotes that the equipment can be completely immersed; nevertheless, the depths to which it can be submerged and the amount of time it can spend underwater differ depending on the manufacturer. The gear can withstand brief exposure to water, such as light rain or splashes, but it is not designed to be completely submerged. Resistance levels can also differ depending on the manufacturer.

Q: What sort of wiring should I connect my marine audio system with?

A: Stranded wire is the absolute minimum when selecting wire for any purpose on your yacht. Tine the wire, if at all feasible. The American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) states that the only copper wire suitable for maritime electrical applications is stranded copper wire. Other metals, including steel and aluminum, corrode too rapidly and are incapable of withstanding the continual vibrations of a moving boat. The longest-lasting wire you may use on your yacht can be made from copper with a thin coating of tin (or solder) to increase its corrosion resistance.

Q: What’s different about marine speakers from car speakers?

A. The design and materials of marine speakers are different from those of car speakers. Most car speakers are coaxial, and the tweeter sits on a tube that goes through a hole in the speaker cone. This doesn’t work for marine use because water can get between the pole and the cone and break the speaker. Most marine speakers have tweeters that are attached to a bridge, and the cone of the speaker is usually solid. 

If the tweeter is sitting on a tube, it is usually sealed with the same material that surrounds the cone to keep water out and protect the speaker’s insides. Aside from the way they look, marine speakers are often made of different materials. Most marine speakers have a rubber ring around the cone and around the edge of the speaker. 

The plastics used must be UV stable, which means they won’t fade or break after being in the sun for a long time. If there are metal parts, they have to be made of stainless steel so they don’t rust. Most speakers also have a sealed motor structure in the back in case water does get in. 

Car speakers’ cones are sometimes made of paper, but marine speakers have to use polypropylene or another synthetic material that won’t break down when it gets wet. Lastly, marine speakers’ tweeters are usually made of stronger materials like aluminum or titanium. Some soft dome tweeters, like the JL Audio M3 and M6, are made to be resistant to salt fog, water, and UV light.


In conclusion, if you have a boat and you’re looking for speakers, look no further than this list of top five marine speakers.

They offer high-quality sound and exceptional performance, plus their prices are unbeatable.

If you own a bowrider boat, you should consider modifying it to fit your style and requirements. This is something you should do if you want to get the most out of your investment.

You will be able to use your new speakers in various ways, ultimately increasing the amount of enjoyment you get from your Bowrider.