Best Bowrider Boats under $50K

If you’ve made the decision to purchase a boat, then you know there’s a lot to decide. Once you have your budget, you have to decide what type of boat you’re going to get. Then it’s time to talk about features, amenities, quality, and brand.

Bowrider boats are a great option for your recreational boating needs: Whether you’re into watersports or lounging, they’re an excellent choice. If your budget is $50k or less, then you can start thinking about some creature comforts and better performance for your money.

We’ve compiled some great bowrider options that won’t break the bank, but that deliver in terms of value.

  ModelFuel Tank Capacity in GallonsPassengersEngineTop SpeedPrice
Yamaha SX2105010260 hp (130 hp x2)43.8 mph$46,999
Bayliner VR63310250 hp48.7 mph$47,995
Tahoe 210 S4510225 hp45 mph$49,990
Cobalt-200s4110-11225 hp30 mphAround $45000
Regal 21 OBX4110150 hp43 mphAround $37500
Four Winns Horizon 190329-10190 hp32-34 mphAround $37000
 Chapparal 21 SSi4011240 hp48.8 mphAround $45000
 Crownline 205 SS418-9250 hp45 mphAround $40000

Yamaha SX210

Versatility is key with the Yamaha. It looks great too, with clean, sporty lines. This boat is definitely a great choice if you’re into watersports: Waterskiing, tubing, and wakeboarding are examples of popular activities that are suited to the SX210.

Without a doubt, the two-tiered swim deck at the stern of the boat is its highlight. It’s also great for entertaining and leisure, with a pleasant area for hanging out.

The SX210 includes a distinctive articulating keel mechanism that provides the boat with remarkable tracking and excellent turning capabilities, making it easy to drive.

Key features

  • 260 hp (2×130 hp)
  • 50-gallon fuel capacity
  • 43.8 mph top speed
  • Fiberglass hull
  • Passenger capacity: 10
  • Priced at $46,999

Bayliner VR6

The Bayliner is a comfortable, spacious option, and all this for a reasonable price.

No space goes to waste on the VR6. It blends Bayliner’s category-leading BeamForward design with the innovative AftAdvantage concept. That means that Bayliner has expanded the self-draining cockpit seating area by adding a separate swim platform. Since the platform is at the end of the running space, the cockpit feels roomier.

The lounge area in the aft also has plenty of storage. There are a couple of pleasant surprises – an enclosed changing room is one, and the aft-facing observer seat is another.

Key features

  • 250 hp
  • 33-gallon fuel capacity
  • 48.7 mph top speed
  • Fiberglass hull
  • Passenger capacity: 10
  • Priced at $47,995

Tahoe 210 S

The Tahoe 210 S combines fantastic versatility with simple functionality.

It can easily handle water sports like skiing, wakeboarding, and tubing. You’ll find that the Tahoe 210 S is a fun boat to ride, thanks to its smooth handling and responsive steering.

There’s no need to worry about choppy waters when riding the Tahoe 210 S because of its durable construction. Its fiberglass hull makes it strong enough to withstand the elements. There’s also plenty of space to store your valuables.

The Tahoe 210 S has a large sun pad for relaxing after a day on the water. And there’s even more space for passengers, thanks to the optional second row of seats.

Key features

  • 225 hp
  • 45-gallon fuel capacity
  • 45 mph top speed
  • Fiberglass hull
  • Pricing starts at $49,990

Cobalt 200s

Stylish and sporty, The Cobalt 200s might be small, but it packs in all you need for a fun day on the water into its snappy space and design.

The “s” refers to the optional sport layout. You can fully recline the backrest of the cockpit to turn it into a sunpad. Equally, it can be adjusted to form an aft-facing lounge. If you’re a swimmer, the Cobalt has easy water access with a flip-down swim step. There’s also a second sunpad.

You’ll find a removable cooler to store drinks and food to set you up for a day’s water sports.

Key Features

  • 225 hp (depending on your engine)
  • 41-gallon fuel capacity
  • 30 mph top speed
  • Fiberglass hull
  • Passenger capacity: 10-11
  • Priced at around $45,000

Regal 21 OBX

The Regal 21 OBX has everything you need in a small, powerful package.

With a maximum speed of 43 mph, the Regal 21 OBX comes equipped with a Yamaha F150 outboard motor. It comfortably seats 10, so the whole family can join you for a day on the water.

Their FasTrac hull focuses on speed and fuel efficiency. The design improves speed by up to 26%, and you can expect as much as 30% better fuel efficiency.

This is the perfect boat for fishing, as it comes equipped with fishfinders, rod holders, and bait wells. There is also beautiful hand-stitched upholstery on the seats and plenty of storage below those seats. If you aren’t fishing, then this versatile boat is great for entertainment.

You’ll enjoy the wraparound swim platform and the large coolers, where you store your food and drinks for a day on the water.

Key Features

  • 150 hp (with Yamaha F150 outboard motor)
  • 43 mph top speed
  • 41-gallon fuel capacity
  • Passenger capacity: 10
  • Priced at around $37,500 (depending on the motor type )

Four Winns Horizon 190

No list of budget bowrider boats would be complete without the Four Winns Horizon 190. With a spacious interior, comfortable seating, and a wide range of options, this boat will fit any boater’s needs.

The Horizon 190 has a standard length of 19 feet, but you can customize it to suit your needs. You can add additional seats or a larger console if you want to take advantage of all the amenities.

The Horizon 190 is designed to accommodate two adults and their gear in the cockpit, as well as another seven passengers.

A great entry-level purchase, the Horizon is perfect for small families too. There are amenities, like a good speaker system and a swim platform, that make it perfect for family fun.

Key Features

  • 190 hp
  • 32-34 mph top speed
  • 32-gallon fuel capacity
  • Fiberglass hull (transom has a core of rot-resistant plywood)
  • Passenger capacity: 9-10
  • Priced at around $37,000, depending on the year produced

Chaparral 21 SSi

The Chaparral 21 SSi is a fast, stable, and affordable boat. The sleek and stylish design is also a plus.

It features a high-quality fiberglass hull and deck and a Volvo Penta V6 engine.

There are many different configurations available, including one with a full galley and salon area. This boat is ideal for entertaining guests, with a large center console and ample room for everyone to sit down and relax. There’s also a swim platform to make taking a dip comfortable.

There are many optional upgrades available, such as an air conditioning unit, a stereo system, and more.

Key Features

  • 240 hp
  • 40-gallon fuel capacity
  • 48.8 mph top speed
  • Fiberglass hull
  • Passenger capacity: 11
  • Priced at around $45,000

Crownline 205 SS

Crownline has a range of sleek bowriders. The Crownline 205 SS is no exception.

With its low profile, long wheelbase, and powerful engine, this boat is styled along the lines of a racing car.

The 205 SS is built with a durable fiberglass hull and deck. It offers excellent stability and performance, making it a favorite among anglers. As you’d expect in this price range, this snappy little bowrider is also suitable for water sports.

This boat is designed to carry up to eight people comfortably.

Key Features:

  • 250 hp
  • 41-gallon fuel capacity
  • 45 mph top speed
  • Passenger capacity: 8
  • Priced at around $40,000 (2017-2018 models)


Whether you’re a seasoned boater or this is your first purchase, remember that value is better than price when making a decision. You should look at the quality and number of amenities you’re getting for the price, in addition to the cost.

The most affordable boats aren’t necessarily the lowest quality. Whichever bowrider you choose, we hope you’ll enjoy your time on the water.