Best Bowrider Boats Under $40K

It’s a great day when you get set to buy a boat. Hitting the water whenever the mood strikes is what dreams are made of. But now, you are tasked with finding a design and price to suit your needs.

To narrow your choices, you should consider what elements will make your boat most suitable for your unique family needs. Think about how many people will commonly come aboard and how much stuff they will bring with them.

Look for deeply set seats as an additional safety measure and functional grab rails; for example, If the bowrider hold rails are plastic, upgrading to stainless steel is a practical idea.

Also, decide if you want an outboard motor or a sterndrive version.

Outboard engines give you extra internal storage space and are often lighter and simpler to maintain than sterndrives. They are also more practical for shallow waters, such as getting right up into a sandy beach.

Alternatively, sterndrives are attached to the inboard engine through the transom. This means they reduce interior storage, but you gain a more open swim platform.

Additionally, sterndrives are quieter and use less gasoline than an outboard engine.

So set your criteria, and if your budget extends to 40K, we’ve got the breakdown of all the best bowrider boat options for you.

ModelHorsepowerFuel CapacityTop SpeedPrice ($)
Yamaha SX195180HP40 Gallons52.4 MPH$39,899
Chaparral 19 SSI150-200HP30 Gallons51.2MPH$34,195
Four Winns Horizon 190220HP32 Gallons42.2MPH$37,073
Regal 21 OBX150HP40 Gallons42.9MPH$39,070
Bayliner VR6 Bowrider220HP35 Gallons48.7MPH$35,599
Sea Ray SPX 190200HP30 Gallons48.5MPH$39,163
Chaparral 21 Ski and Fish250HP40 Gallons44.8MPH$37,395
Crownline 205 SS250HP41 Gallons44.8MPH$39,995
Bryant 196220HP31 Gallons47MPH$37,179
Tahoe T18115 HP20 Gallons39.8MPH$30,405

Yamaha SX195

The defining feature of the SX195 is its articulating keel. This neat touch is a fin-shaped addition that improves the jet nozzle function.

The keel’s practical effect enhances maneuverability and allows the vessel to turn neatly without drift.

Additionally, the SX195’s speed is impressive. It can hit 30 mph in 5.6 seconds. Top speeds of around 52 mph are achieved smoothly.

Another impressive design features include the swim-platform area wraparound seating and Bimini top. This model comfortably seats up to 8 people.

Key features:

  • 40-gallon fuel capacity
  • 52.4 mph top speed
  • Articulating keel
  • 1.8-liter Super Vortex High Output engine
  • Priced at $39,899

Chaparral 19 SSI

A stylish and practical model, the Chaparral 19 SSI lives up to the brand’s standards of detailed finishes and heavy-duty stainless steel hardware.

It is spacious and comfortable, with ample storage space. There’s a built-in cooler and a floor unit big enough for a wakeboard in addition to some added options include a swimming platform and a useful Velocity Folding Arch Tower.

With a capacity for 11 people, get ready to fill the icebox and hit the water with friends.

Key features:

  • Length: 19ft
  • 30-gallon fuel capacity
  • Horsepower 150-200hp
  • Capacity of 11 passengers
  • Priced at $34,195

Four Winns Horizon 190

The Four Winns Horizon 190 offers high-quality touches usually reserved for more pricey models. Padded bolsters enhance its comfort in the cockpit and flip-down versions for passengers. Lastly, the floor storage is easy to access via a gas-assist strut.

The stern area is well designed for families with an integrated swimming platform covered with nonslip Sea Deck foam rubber matting. Also, the sun pad has a flexible flip action, from viewing the water to dropping backward to lay out fully.

Another bonus is having storage compartments finished in fiberglass to keep out moisture.

Key features:

  • 32-gallon fuel capacity
  • Length: 20ft
  • Horsepower 220hp
  • Priced at $37,073

Regal 21 OBX

With innovative engine positioning, the Regal 21 OBX allows extra storage space adjacent to the cockpit which makes this boat a great option for water sports gear and other accessories. However, this area comprises the swim platform somewhat.

Attractive and comfort-driven curved benches give a luxurious vibe, as does the full-sized sun pad. The FasTrac hull reduces fuel use while optimizing speed. Reverse chines and huge lifting strakes are intended to improve stability and handling.

Six cockpit speakers, bluetooth, and the enclosed, water-resistant Uni-Dock are all included in the Fusion audio system, which can also connect to media players and cellphones.

Key features:

  • Generous storage
  • 40-gallon fuel capacity
  • Available in sterndrive and outboard versions
  • Priced at $39,070

Bayliner VR6 Bowrider

The Bayliner VR6 is unmatched in its roominess and sense of spaciousness.

It blends the industry-leading BeamForwardTM design from Bayliner with the brand-new AftAdvantageTM idea, which expands the seating room in the self-draining cockpit by incorporating the swim platform at the end of the running surface.

The aft-facing companion (also called observer) seat is perfect for water sports and can transform into a snug seating area, making the area an intimate hub.

Key features:

  • 35-gallon fuel capacity
  • Horsepower 220hp
  • Length: 22.5ft
  • Priced at $35,599

Sea Ray SPX 190

The Sea Ray SPX 190 boats are a great option for water sports and chilling on the water with friends. This model encompasses a variety of seating arrangements and useful storage options.

You can change the seating arrangements to accommodate your guests as needed. For instance, the transom seating may be folded down to create extra deck space or brought out to comfortably accommodate three while the boat is in motion.

The passenger seat at the wheel can be retained as a single front-facing seat, or you can change the cushion to fit two people. Also, the boat’s rear platform is perfect for catching the sun, with a handy, sizable storage compartment underneath which means your belongings can be stored securely, dry, and out of sight.

Key features:

  • 30-gallon fuel capacity
  • Length: 19.5ft
  • Capacity for 11 passengers
  • Horsepower 200hp
  • Priced at $39,163

Chaparral 21 Ski and Fish

We can’t miss featuring the Chaparral 21Ski and Fish for dedicated fans of those two recreations; this boat lives up to the claim by giving you expansive casting platforms, plenty of storage, and easy-to-adjust seating in the cockpit. You’ll set for dropping in a line with an inbuilt fish finder and contemporary dash.

Plus, there’s rod storage, trolling motor, and 70-quart livewell. There’s also the smart option to switch the bucket seats to a luxuriously comfortable pedestal with bolster.

Key features:

  • 40-gallon fuel capacity
  • Length: 21ft
  • Horsepower 250hp
  • Priced at $37,395

Crownline 205 SS

Crownline has developed a compact vessel that feels spacious and sleek. The 205 SS features Crownline’s FAST Tab® hull design which evokes a refined and specialized style.

Besides its impressive looks, this boat provides a comfortable ride. It has a high level of stability in high-speed turns and runs efficiently.

Standard features include a bimini top, a sharkskin boat cover, a snap-in cockpit carpet, and a swim platform. You will also appreciate the stainless steel finishes and accessories.

Key features:

  • 41-gallon fuel capacity
  • Horsepower 250hp
  • Length 20.9ft
  • Capacity for 9 passengers
  • Priced at $39,995

Bryant 196

Although this bowrider is the smallest model in the Bryant range, it offers the same comfort and luxury as their bigger selections. The 196 is a fantastic deal because of its standard features, family-oriented affordability, and design.

The Bryant company seeks to satisfy the sizable segment of the general boating public that enjoys surfing and boarding. They also want the versatility to easily cruise, have picnics, go camping, and enjoy faster speeds.

This boat offers flawless performance, pleasant handling, and a stable, comfortable ride. It’s simple to tow and store in your garage because of the convenient size. Your family will enjoy this bow rider for years.

Key features:

  • 31-gallon fuel capacity
  • Horsepower 220hp
  • Length 19.7ft
  • Capacity for 8 passengers
  • Priced at $37,179

Tahoe T18

The Tahoe T18 comes in around 40K under budget, but that allows you to invest in all the customizable add-ons you might usually skimp on. It allows you to enhance your boat’s design to suit all your family’s needs.

As a standard purchase, this bowrider already runs exceptionally well as a midsize runabout which is intended as a family-friendly vessel ready for cruising or water sports. Premium accents, ample amenities, and storage are all included.

At this price, you can add on features such as a stereo upgrade, stainless steel propeller, TurboSwing ski tow bar, customized Bimini top, mooring top, and trailer upgrade, and you’ll still be within budget.

Key features:

  • 20-gallon fuel capacity
  • Length: 18ft
  • Capacity for 9 passengers
  • Priced at $30,405 with 115 ELPT Pro XS® FourStroke

Wrapping Up

Bowriders are a great option if you’re shopping for a practical family boat.

Generally, bowrider designs provide a seating area, bucket seats in the cockpit, a rear bench, sun-pad, and a swim platform. We hope the additional features mentioned here will assist you in choosing the perfect bowrider boat for you.