10 Best Bowrider Seats for a Comfortable Ride

Comfortable and durable seats are every bowrider boat owner’s wish. Whether you want to replace old and torn bowrider seats, change the overall look of your boat, or you’re just ready for a switch, adding new seats can give you a better afternoon on the water.

We understand that with an enormous number of products with high claims hitting the market, it can be tricky to buy the best bowrider seats, and the price tag on a quality seat means you can’t afford to make the wrong choice.

So we’ve compiled the top 10 best seats for your bowrider boat, explaining what makes each one the right pick and can have you riding — and seated — in style.

Comparing Bowrider Seats

SeatProminent FeaturePrice on Amazon
NorthCaptain S1 High Back Folding SeatDurable foam paddingCheck Price
DeckMate Pro Angler SeatStrong threadsCheck Price
Seamander Captain Bucket, Sport Flip Up SeatFlip-up bolsterCheck Price
Leader Accessories Plastic Shell Folding SeatAffordable and comfortableCheck Price
NorthCaptain Marine Low Back Folding SeatLow-back seat & easy installationCheck Price
Wise Economy Low Back SeatUV & mildew-resistantCheck Price
Wise Classic Stripe High Back Boat SeatStrong & rust-resistant hingesCheck Price
Tempress Elite High Back Helm SeatUpper-body supportCheck Price
Tempress ProBax Captains Helm Boat SeatSurgeon-approved back supportCheck Price
Moeller ST2000-HD Boat Seat and CushionMarine-grade vinyl coverCheck Price

NORTHCAPTAIN S1 Deluxe 2 Boat Folding Seat


Foldable Aluminum Hinges

The foldability of these seats is made possible by the durable aluminum hinges. The backrest can be folded down to save space when the seat is not in use. The corrosion-resistant aluminum and strong metal, with high strength-to-weight ratio, enables sturdy seat posture and allows you to fold your seats frequently and safely.

UV-Resistant Plastic Seat Frame

Ultraviolet rays, when directed on an object for long periods of time, can cause considerable damage. To solve this problem, the seat frame is made of polypropylene material that resists any potential damage caused by the sun’s UV rays.

Not only that, but polypropylene material also adds to toughness, chemical-, heat-, and fatigue- resistance, and rigidity to its structure. 

Seat Size and Dimensions

With the dimensions of 23.5” x 16.75” x 15.5”, the seats can comfortably fit in a bowrider boat. However, make sure your current bowrider seats are close to these dimensions for a hassle-free setup.

Durable Foam Padding

For a long-term comfortable experience, the compression foam padding is made firm and comfortable to sit on. Plus, the marine-grade vinyl does not let the harsh marine environment damage the seat exteriors, ensuring longevity.

Easy To Install

With four mounting screws included in the package, you can easily set up the seats in your bowrider with a standard 4-bolt swivel or pedestal.


  • UV resistant
  • Durable and long-lasting covers
  • Comfortable and Marine-grade material
  • Easy to set up
  • Foldable aluminum hinges


  • Be careful with the screw fittings

DeckMate Pro Angler Boat Seats


Enduring Vinyl

The 30-oz vinyl, with an exceptional capability to resist UV rays, resists color fading. Vinyl is also hard, with outstanding tensile strength, so you won’t have to worry about the seats’ durability.

Plus, it’s a chemical-resistant material and keeps at bay the potential damages that a harsh marine environment can inflict on a material constantly exposed to it.

Durable SunStop Threads

SunStop threads are made of high-performance polyester, which is extremely strong, as well as resists any degradation from the sun.

Plus, the material resists most chemicals and is stretch-, shrink-, wrinkle-, and abrasion-resistant too.

So the multifilament polyester threads offer exceptional performance in the harsh saline atmosphere of the water, offering you peace of mind whenever you go on long bowrider trips.

Stainless Steel Hardware

Stainless steel is specifically manufactured to tackle the oxidation reactions with the moisture present in the atmosphere and the water.

Rust is the result of a reaction between the atmospheric oxygen and the material and makes the material experience wear and tear overtime. The stainless steel hardware of these bowrider seats won’t let that happen.

Hinges and Bolts Provided

You can mount these seats onto your boat with the provided hinges and bolts conveniently. The hinges are powder-coated for increased durability, and the seats can be mounted on a pedestal or platform.


  • Long lasting durable build
  • Easy mounting
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant hardware


  • The hump at the front can be uncomfortable

Seamander Captain Sport Flip-Up Seat


Marine-Grade Vinyl Cover

Vinyl resists moisture, which is one of the major causes of germ formation. The Seamander boat seat is covered in marine-grade vinyl material, preventing UV rays from causing any damage while also keeping at bay the moisture that can lead to germs and hard-to-clean stains.

Comfortable Support and Seating

The high-density foam padding in the seat makes it comfortable for your back, and the curved design of the seat makes sure your body is in a relaxing posture.

Flip-Up Bolster Adds Height

The seat has a special feature that enables you to elevate your position. You can either opt for the default position, the low backrest, or go for the high backrest by using its unique flip-up bolster. The adjustability allows you to position your seat for the best view of the water.

The flip-up bolster provides you with a versatile seating experience while the high-density foam padding gives you the comfort your back needs.

Strong High-Density Plastic Frame

Rotational molding is done to enhance the product’s durability and make it light. The high-density plastic frame of this seat is rotational molded and offers long-term support.

Stainless Steel Fasteners

Fasteners keep the seat in place and thus play a crucial role. The fasteners of this seat are made of stainless steel, so they won’t catch rust over time.


  • Already has bolt holes
  • Mounting screws come with the package
  • Durable marine-grade material


  • Bolt patterns does not always match up with a boat’s current set up

Leader Accessories Folding Seat


Comfortable Foam Padding

One of the major interests for boaters while buying a new seat is the amount of comfort it offers. The compression foam padding in this seat offers comfortable seating with a backrest. Foam is compressed to form a firm yet soft base, enabling long-term comfort with durability.

Cost-Effective and Affordable

Besides comfort, one of the most important factors a seat buyer considers is its price. Numerous options are available out there with the claims their chairs are comfortable, but they always come with a hefty price tag. 

This folding seat offers comfort at an affordable rate so you can have a comfortable ride without breaking the budget.

Molded Plastic Shell

Molded plastic products are strong and durable. With high strength and longevity, the molded plastic shell of the seat from Leader is built to last several boating seasons.


The size of the seat should be similar to your bowrider boat’s capacity or already-mounted seats that are being replaced. At 20.5″ x 18″ x 14.5”, this seat is sure to fit without taking up too much room. Plus, you can fold this seat forward or backward.


  • Comfortable and affordable
  • Plastic shell
  • Firm foam padding


  • Even with the plastic shell, not as durable as other seat brands

NORTHCAPTAIN Marine Back Folding Boat Seats


Low-Back Seat

The NORTHCAPTAIN seats have a low-back design. So, if you like fishing, these seats will definitely prove to be valuable and comfortable for you. In addition, the hinges made of aluminum metal provide a light smooth forward movement so that the seat can be folded down to save space.

Polypropylene Seat Frame

As discussed earlier, the polypropylene plastic is a durable, chemical resistant, and rigid material. The seat frame made of injection-molded polypropylene plastic makes them resistant to forces and offers long-term comfortable seating without worry. In addition, the seat frames are UV resistant. So, long exposures to the sun rays won’t impact them adversely.

Compression Padding

Compression padding of foam makes sure a lot of foam is there to provide a comfortable seating area and gives firm support to your back as well. Plus, it makes the seat durable and it is able to withstand weights for a long period, enhancing the longevity of the seats.

Marine-Grade Vinyl

Marine-grade vinyl is specially made for enduring the harsh environment of the sea; which means any water that gets in contact will not cause long-term damage or allow stains to develop on the seat covers.

Convenient Installation

You can easily install these seats in your bowrider boat with any standard 4-boat pedestal or swivel as four mounting screws are also included in the package. However, no pedestal or swivel is provided by the company.


  • Easy installation
  • Moisture resistant build
  • Low-back seat ideal for fishing
  • Compression padding for long-term comfort


  • Swivel and pedestal are not provided

Wise Economy Low-Back Seat


Plastic Frame

The plastic frame of a boat seat works similar to the human spine. It supports the weight and provides a base for an effective posture. By making the seat frame marine-grade, Wise has enabled it to hold your weight effectively while not deteriorating over time due to the harsh salty atmosphere of the sea.

Compression Foam Padding

When you think of your bowrider’s seats, durability and comfort are the two words that come to your mind. And rightly so. For effective long-term comfort, the Wise economy low-back seats are filled with dense foam and covered with a moisture-resistant vinyl pattern, making these seats resist atmospheric conditions.

Mildew and UV-Resistant

Moisture retention on any surface leads to the development of white-colored fungus called mildew. It can be unpleasant as well as damaging to your seats. Similarly, the UV rays coming directly from the sun can cause irreparable damage to your seats.

To cater to these concerns, the seats are made with mildew and UV-resistant material so you don’t worry about the seats getting adverse impacts of the marine environment.

Aluminum Hinges

Aluminum actually is more corrosive than steel. However, when it corrodes, it develops a hard aluminum oxide coating onto the surface, which inhibits any further oxidation.

This property of aluminum makes the aluminum hinges of these seats durable. Plus, aluminum is lightweight and won’t add much to the overall weight of your boat.


  • Marine-grade, corrosion-resistant material
  • Firm and comfortable foam padding
  • Lightweight


  • Cannot hold as much weight as other options

Wise Classic High-Back Boat Seat


Injection Molded Frame

The injection molding process produces high-efficiency, enhanced strength plastics that can bear loads and remain firm. The Wise Classic bowrider seat’s frame is produced that way.

This optimizes the impact resistance of the seat so, if you ever drop heavy weight on it, it won’t pose any danger to the seat material.

Mildew and UV Resistant Vinyl

Vinyl covers the seat foam to provide protection. It’s used as the seat cover for a reason — it resists moisture-induced mildew, eliminating the possibility of white-colored fungus formation on the seats.

UV can damage pretty much anything if exposed for a long time, but this material protects against that as well.

Strong and Corrosion-Resistant Hinges

This seat, too, has a lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum metal as its hinges. The hinges play a key role in folding the seat and providing flexibility.

The lightweight aluminum not only reduces the overall weight of your bowrider, but it also resists corrosion by developing a resistant aluminum oxide layer onto its surface, ensuring long term and safe use.

High-Back Support

If you are looking for a seat that offers excellent back support, this should be a great option for you. The high-back support lets you relax your back and neck on long boating trips, or if you’re staying overnight on your bowrider, you can even sneak in a snooze.


  • Good back-support
  • Moisture and UV resistant
  • Simple and effective design with strong hinges


  • The flexibility in the back may not be preferable for everyone

Tempress Elite High-Back Helm Seat


Upper-Body and Back Support

These seats from Tempress allow for long, comfortable hours of sitting and boating. So you can stay afloat on the water for as long as you wish without having to worry about back pain or feeling too stiff.

Effective back support is an essential for a great bowrider seat. With the high back-support of the Tempress Elite, you will be able to enjoy the water for a long time without catching any backache or fatigue.

Plus, the seat has a handle to grab at the back for passengers in case of jerky movements or when the passengers need to move around in the boat.

Impact-Resistant Frame

Sudden impacts can be a worry sometimes, especially when you are at sea. Plus, at the sea, almost every material is prone to corrosion. However, this seat is built with polypropylene plastic, an impact-resistant and corrosion-resistant material. So don’t worry about rust from long-term marine exposure.

Quick Installation

With eight stainless steel bolts applied with Loctite for enhanced security, a bolt hole 5” x 5” pattern, and eight embedded threaded inserts for multiple mounting options, you can easily set up this seat onto your bowrider.


  • Easy to set up
  • Very durable
  • Effective back and neck support


  • Not as strong with water resistance

Tempress ProBax Captains Helm Boat Seat


Surgeon-Approved Back-Support

The Tempress has taken on board spinal surgeons and ergonomic specialists to design a seat that provides support to your upper body and back. So if your concern is back pain, this is the right seat for you.

Dual-Core Foam-Support System

This system is water-resistant. Water retained on the seat can cause mildew growth, which shortens the lifespan of the seat. The foam-support system, by providing efficient water-protection, makes this seat durable and long-lasting.

UV-Resistant Polyester Threads and Vinyl Cover

The seat has been covered with vinyl, which offers protection from the harsh saline environment of the sea, making it secure from degradation and corrosion. 

Threads are an essential part of the seat’s construction. The Abrasion and UV-resistant polyester threads of this seat don’t allow the UV rays to cause any damage, keeping the seat upright and maintaining its posture.

Easy to Set Up

The seat is simple to set up on your bowrider. The package contains eight Loctite-applied stainless steel bolts for improved safety and 5” x 5” bolt hole pattern for convenient installation.


  • Excellent back and neck support
  • UV, moisture, mildew, water-resistant
  • Grab bar on the back


  • Does not fold 

Moeller ST2000-HD Seat and Cushion With Mounting Plate



With 18.5” in length, 17.5” in width, 13.5” inches in height, the Moeller ST2000-HD seat will suit a bowrider. The design is unique and the look is pleasant, making the overall aesthetic of your bowrider more appealing.

Plus, even if you are more than six feet tall, and weigh over 200 pounds, the seat will provide effective support.

Molded Seat Arms

Its molded seat arms provide support when you just need a break. The Moeller ST2000-HD seat arms are molded for increased stability and sturdiness. The seating substrate is UV-stabilized, so there is a minimum chance that the UV rays will cause any damage to the seat.

Marine-Grade Vinyl

As discussed earlier, when you are out on the water, everything stored on your boat, including your bowrider’s seats is exposed to the sun rays at some point. While short-term exposure to these rays is not dangerous, long hours under the sun may cause some damage to your seats.

To protect from the UV rays, the seats are covered with marine-grade vinyl. Plus, it is moisture resistant so you won’t see any mildew or rust developing on the seats as well.


  • Moisture and UV-resistant
  • Sturdy seat arms
  • Comfortable for tall people


  • Not as durable as other seat options

What To Look For When Buying the Best Seats for your Bowrider


Durability is the most important factor. So if a seat is offering good comfort, be assured it protects from the UV rays by covering the seat with vinyl or another resistant material.


The compression foam padding will be enough to provide effective comfort for a long time. The seat must provide good rest for your back, and neck rest is a plus. It should be spacious enough to sit in, and the seat handles should be sturdy and covered with strong padding. You want to make sure whether you take your bowrider for fishing or simply out for a ride in the ocean. the seats are comfortable.


You’d be surprised at how much you have to pay for a quality bowrider boat seat, but that doesn’t mean every option is overly expensive. There are plenty of budget options on this list that provide quality at an affordable price. Speaking of affordable, if you are looking for the best bowriders under $30K, we’ve compiled a list of those are well.


Bowrider boats come in all different sizes, so make sure the seat you are buying will fit. Check out the seat’s dimensions and measure where it will go on your boat to avoid having to send it back. You don’t want to overcrowd your bowrider with too much seating, so find one that is similar in size to the one that came pre-installed.