Best Coolers for Bowrider Boats

ProductDesignSizeTop FeaturePrice
Igloo Marine CollectionCoolers vary by modelsVaries by modelA mesh pocket inside the lidVaries by model
Coleman 316 Series 100-Quart Marine Wheeled CoolerAluminum Frame100-quartWheels$97.49-$129.99
RTIC 20-Quart Hard CoolerCompact Hard Cooler20- to 145-quartOne-handed carrying$149.99-$499.99
Yeti Tundra Cooler 65Hard Cooler60-quartNon-slip underside$375
Engel HD30 Heavy-Duty Cooler Tote BagTote Bag30-quartAir-resistant zipper$239.99

Deciding which marine cooler to take on your boating adventure can be daunting. Do you go big and risk running out of space on deck? Or do you go small and risk running out of food (and drinks!)?

The answer is not so simple. The cooler you choose to add to your arsenal depends mainly on how much deck space you have, what you want to store, and how long.

Let’s look at these top five recommended boat coolers for bowriders to help you make a more informed decision.

Igloo Marine Collection

The pioneers of ice coolers since 1947, the Igloo brand has consistently innovated and transformed its coolers for almost any application. Their marine coolers come in various sizes and offer multiple uses to suit your needs.

The Marine collection includes

Igloo Marine Classic

A classic style cooler with a large capacity and durable construction. It comes in two sizes (24L or 36L) and is perfect for a trip lasting a day or overnight stays.

Igloo Maritime

This model is designed specifically for boats and has an integrated drain plug that allows water to flow away from the cooler when it’s time to empty it. The Maritime also has a larger capacity than the Marine Classic.

Igloo Marine Plus

This model is similar to the Maritime but has a built-in handle for easy carrying.

Igloo Sea Cooler

This specialized model is designed for use as a portable refrigerator. It has a removable lid and a built-in handle.

Standard Features

  • Removable lid with an integrated handle
  • Ice retention for up to 4 days 
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Built-in drain plug
  • Leak proof seal
  • Convenient carry strap
  • Large storage bin inside the lid
  • Mesh pocket inside the lid

Coleman 316 Series 100-Quart Marine Wheeled Cooler

The 316 Series from Coleman is one of the most popular coolers on the market due to its versatility and durability. It’s also the cheapest cooler on this list selling at around $100.

It comes with a heavy-duty carrying case that makes it easy to transport to and from the boat. The lid also doubles as a tray, giving you that much-needed counter space or an extra seat in your bowrider.

Standard Features:

  • A sturdy aluminum frame
  • Antimicrobial and stain-resistant liner resists odor, mold, and mildew from forming in between uses
  • Removable lid with a carrying case
  • Ice retention for up to four days
  • Built-in drain plug

RTIC Hard Cooler

RTIC’s hard coolers have been around for decades. They are known for their high quality, superior design, and dependability.

They come in six different models for different uses. The most popular ones are the 20 QT (perfect for overnight stays or short trips), 40 QT (ideal for longer trips or extended stays), and 60 QT (best for fishing trips or hunting excursions).

Standard Features:

  • Removable lid with a carrying bag
  • Ice retention for three days
  • A built-in drain plug
  • The stainless steel handle locks upright for easy one-handed carrying

Yeti Tundra Cooler 65

Yeti’s Tundra cooler is an excellent option if you want a larger cooler than the ones listed in this review.

With the Tundra’s 65-quart cooler, you don’t have to worry about where to store that big catch until you get home. This premium cooler has ample space for all your food and drinks and fishing spoils.

While the size is great for storing just about everything you need, it might take up some valuable space onboard.

Another downside is that it doesn’t have wheels, making your journey from shore to boat difficult.

Standard Features:

  • An insulated exterior shell
  • A built-in ice-retention system
  • A removable lid
  • The non-slip underside of the cooler stops it from sliding across the deck.

Engel HD30 Heavy-Duty Cooler Tote Bag

Engel’s HD30 is a versatile soft bag cooler that fits perfectly into any boat. In addition, it has a capacity of 30 quarts, making it ideal for storing small fish and other fridge items.

Despite its compact design, the soft cooler has a built-in ice-retention system to ensure you keep your catch and your drinks cool.

While it won’t be able to store your whole picnic basket, it packs a punch in the insulation department. The Engel is welded instead of sewn, making it a stand-out product in the tote cooler bag department.

Standard Features:

  • A removable lid that doubles as a tray
  • Ice retention for up to four days in 90-degree weather
  • A built-in drain plug
  • Air-resistant zipper.

Does Size Really Matter?

The size of your cooler absolutely matters! When taking a cooler onboard, it’s essential to note your bowrider’s storage capacity and floor space.

The best size cooler for fishing depends on several factors. First, consider the number of people involved in the trip. A larger party requires a bigger fishing cooler.

Second, consider whether the cooler will primarily be used for chilling food and beverages or holding fish. Cooling food and beverages are much easier because there’s less volume to fill. Fish boxes are usually smaller because you don’t want to crush the fish.

Third, ask yourself how long you’ll be out on the water. Fishing trips tend to be short so you don’t have to worry about filling up the cooler every 30 minutes.

Finally, consider the size of the fish you’re likely to catch. Smaller fish require a smaller cooler. But remember, you’ll still need room for bait, tackle, drinks, and snacks.


To choose the best cooler for your bowrider, consider the space onboard, what you would like to use the cooler for, and how long you would need to keep your items cool and fresh. Then choose one of the coolers we’ve reviewed in this post based on your needs. Find out more on our website about Bowrdiders boats, and how to make them suit your needs.